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Added value through flexible and cost efficient pension concepts
finpension sets its focus on the digitization of pension benefit schemes and has set up the innovative pension solutions yourpension and valuepension. These are independent pension foundations, for which finpension AG is responsible for managing and advising customers. Our aim is a fair, transparent and cost-efficient pension benefits system. We capitalize on the opportunities of the digitization with flexible and needs-oriented solutions.


The cost efficient 1e-solution


The new digital vested benefits foundation (launch in 2017)

Innovation lab for the digitalisation in the pension fund area

About us

Digitalisation and innovation in the pension fund
We want fair,
digital and efficient pension benefit schemes.

As the first company in Switzerland finpension sets its focus on the digitalization of pension benefit schemes. Our vision is to increase transparency and flexibility of pension schemes and at the same time reducing costs for the insured person with the help of digitalization. Our aim is a fair and fully transparent pension benefit scheme to maximize the benefit payment at retirement in the interest of the insured person.

We are independent and evaluate together with our clients the optimal solution for the risk insurance and for the investment allocation in their best interest. We assist in finding the most suitable solution for the insured person.


A team of finance and IT experts with proven track records

Beat Bühlmann

CEO finpension AG
Initiator and founder of finpension, CFA and CAIA Charterholder, Betriebsökonom FH (BBA Finance & Banking) with extensive experience in Hedge Funds, Investment & Research.

Ivo Blätter

Managing Director yourpension
Co-Founder of finpension, CFA Charterholder, BSc Finance & Banking with extensive experience in banking and advising wealthy clients.

Steven Kaufmann

Managing Director valuepension
MSc Math. ETH and BSc Electrical Engineering, previously CIO of a large Swiss pension fund with over 11’000 insured persons, various assignments as a Quantitative Analyst and Software Developer.

Marius Gisler

Project collaborator

Mona Gonzalez

Back office

Janine Bürkli

Back office

Kim Bühlmann

Back office

Advisory Board

The team of finpension is supported by experts with proven track records

Peter Fanconi

Chairman of Board
Graubündner Kantonalbank

Dr. Patrick Scheurle

CEO BlueOrchard Finance AG

DR. Peter Derendinger

CEO Alpha Associates Ltd.
BD Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG

Dr. Ralf Seiz

CEO Finreon AG

yourpension – Collective Foundation

The independent bodies of the foundation act in the best interest of the insured persons


Chairman of Foundation Board


Member of Foundation Board


Pension Actuary


Certified Lead Auditor
Balmer-Etienne AG